Earth Friendly


I am the largest giver of freehold land to help people in need and provide stability and work.

I have designed and built flat pack houses and gave them to help the tsunami victims and people in need of shelter now.

I have been finding homes for unwanted children.

I carry a large stock of flat pack homes ready of any disaster.

I have designed a mobile home that can be delivered anywhere to help the homeless.

5 Years ago, no homes outside the boundary of the town had any main water, only stored rain water of pond. I have given them mains water from my lakes.

I have built and given away many metal framed homes to people in need.  I supply fish, fresh water, food and shelter to hundreds of people in need, free.

I have never advertised my good deeds or asked for or received any money.

I am now getting older and my body is aching

In order to continue and expand the help to people in need, I know require some help.

Any donation given now I can train more people and setup a lasting trust so my help will go on after I die.

My funding and research will work in many countries with no waste of money and real lasting help.


  1. A tree with your name attached

  2. We give you a certificate and a picture of your tree being planted around one of our many lakes

  3. We give you the exact location from Google Earth. So you can look at your tree grow for many years and show your children.

  4. If you ever visit our beautiful resort - CENTRE PARKS - you can give your tree a hug.

  5. Please donate £5.00 for all of the above.

Teacher - Give Your Class A Tree!