Centre Parks bank  5 % pa


SAVE AND PROSPER WITH US, your money is secured against an £18 million plus unencumbered building land, calculated at the lowest value of £20/sq metre.

Offshore account tax haven, very safe and private.  You can draw your money out from anywhere in the world by one phone call or email.

You also get the added bonus of being able to call our agents if you have unforseen problems when you are travelling ie. loss of money, passport, cards, legal or medical.

Remember, we know all the best places.

We are taking advantage of the credit crunch and investing in building land well below its value.  We are taking up 5 year options on thousands of acres of building land, set at today's reduced prices.  We are the only bank that did not lose any value.  We are a land bank and you cannot make land anymore.

All other banks are restricted to their own countries.  We have no boundaries, you can invest with us anywhere in the world safely.  We work on straightforward old fashioned values, so put a little away for a rainy day.  Safe from divorce, bankruptcy, tax or any unforeseen problems that everybody will experience in their lifetime.

It is our priority to be the greenest environmentally friendly country resort in the world and we specialise in particular lakeside homes and new ways for work places.

I personally would not put any money in any other bank.

With your help, we can improve our world.